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Specializing in frontier markets and conflict zones.

It is complicated to provide equipment or services to buyers in frontier markets and conflict zones.  Often there is a robust amount of business in both areas that manufacturers want to access.  There is also a tremendous need for companies operating in these areas to access global markets for goods and services.

MEA Trading specializes in providing equipment and commodities for emerging infrastructure projects and industries to gain a foothold.  Serving these markets is difficult and takes years of on the ground experience to successfully overcome the obstacles preventing normal commerce.  We have experience and proven success in overcoming these types of challenges.

Are you are a supplier operating in these regions

that seeks outside help in accessing the global markets?

Are you a supplier that wants to be able to access these markets successfully?

Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your goals and challenges.

Export Trading Company

As an Export Trading Company (ETC), we assist foreign buyers in accessing world markets for industrial products & services.   Often businesses operating in frontier markets and conflict zones have difficulty accessing traditional markets through local sources.  Developing strategic alliances with local traders and global suppliers enables us to bridge existing gaps in global procurement.

MEA Trading, LLC  will:

  • Guarantee quality
  • Meet international standards.
  • Insure reasonably priced products.
  • Overcome obstacles at all points on the value chain.
  • Provide proper documentation.

Export Management Company

As an Export Management Company (EMC), we handle export operations for domestic and western manufacturers.  These companies may lack the knowledge or resources to tackle the difficulties associated with these markets or just prefer outsourcing the responsibilities.

MEA Trading, LLC  will facilitate:

  • Vetting local partners/distributors
  • Packaging & shipping
  • Interim financing
  • Provide engineering services, inspections, on site assembly, and testing

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